[hybrid-commits] svnroot commit: ircd-hybrid-8/include irc_reslib.h ircd-hybrid-8/src irc_res.c irc_reslib.c

Michael Wobst michael at svn.ircd-hybrid.org
Mon Apr 9 13:35:41 EDT 2012

michael     2012-04-09 13:35:40 -0400 (Mon, 09 Apr 2012)

  Modified files:
    ircd-hybrid-8/src    irc_res.c irc_reslib.c 
  - irc_reslib.c: add localhost as default nameserver in case we cannot find
  a suitable entrie in resolv.conf
  - irc_res.c:res_ourserver(): no need to test against INADDR_ANY.
  This is a relict of old BIND versions which added INADDR_ANDY as default
  nameserver if no other servers could be found.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1346      +1 -1      ircd-hybrid-8/include/irc_reslib.h
  1346      +4 -7      ircd-hybrid-8/src/irc_res.c
  1346      +40 -40    ircd-hybrid-8/src/irc_reslib.c

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