Disable Ident lookups

Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 15:07:02 EST 2004

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 02:18:58PM -0500, Matt Best wrote:
> Hey list, 
> I'd like to disable ident lookups on my IRC server.  Is this possible
> and/or a bad idea, and if so how and why?  Why does IRC need to do
> ident lookups?  (I suppose I could read the RFC).
> I'm using Debian Sarge with Hybrid 7.0.3-1.  

The main use nowadays is on machines with multiple users, like shell
providers.  On a shell provider running ident the user wont be able to
change their ident, so they cant pretend to be another user, and if 
they start cloning, flooding etc you can ban just them (and contact the
provider about them), rather than the entire subnet.

To disable it, youll need to compile ircd from source - just remove the
function call to start_auth_query() in src/s_auth.c

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