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Massimo massimo at ecomstation.it
Thu Jul 1 13:32:31 EDT 2004

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Data: 30/06/04 20:27

> Please do not check-in support for OS/2 or any other dead OS.  This is
> impossible to maintain/support, and would probably stay working for
> one point release.

Please do not give incorrect information.

eComStation is a live product that comes out with support, updates and is
sold nowadays. (version 1.2 will be released about in September..)

We also use Hybrid IrcD to run all servers of our irc networks since Hybrid
V6, now use use version 7.0.2 and we port ourself Hybrid to the eCS-Os/2
platform, so we do not need any compiling support or FUD.

Thanks, bye.


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