Question regarding hybrid-7.0.3

chris wacky at
Fri Jul 30 17:43:16 EDT 2004

On 07/30/04 17:05:22, Van wrote:
> Just moved to a new server. I have set up the hybrid ircd a few times
> now with no problems, but this time I am having one. The only info I
> can
> give on the problem is that when I start ircd it dies. I get no
> message,
> in fact, everything on the screen looks good. It gives me the pid,
> tells
> me its running in the background, but its not there. If I try to kill
> on
> the pid given it says no go (bash: kill: (2503) - No such process).
> Van

Sounds to me like you havent thoroughly read example.conf. There are  
lines in there to prevent the ircd from running until removed. If you  
carefully read that file you will see that it tells you to remove those  
lines. This is setup so that users as yourself have a good  
understanding of the configuration file as they have read the whole  
thing and not just edited what they need. I know i could just tell you  
what to do, but that would deafeat the purpose :)

(if that doesnt fix it post back to the list for further help)

                                                 Good Luck

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