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pcgod at pcgod at
Sun Jun 6 14:09:02 EDT 2004

On Sun, Jun 06, 2004 at 12:56:29PM -0500, junk wrote:
> I am running IMServ and some of my clients are compailing about 
> Usernames and Hostnames when they log in to imserv.
> *** Notice -- Bad Username: +17278085 Nickname: AIM-17278085661 From: 
> *** Notice -- Bad Hostname: Nickname: 
> AIM-17278085661 From:
> Those are mobile cell numbers from AOL.
> Is there any way to fix the ircd to allow "+"?

You didn't say which version of the IRCD you're running, so I'm assuming
you're running 7.0. In the file src/s_user.c, on line 745, it checks to
make sure the first character is alphanumeric. Comment out that line and
the one below it like so:

  /*  if (!IsAlNum(*p))
          return NO; */

Recompile and reinstall. That should fix it.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't tested this myself. Use at your own risk!

-- PC^God --

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