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Jonathan R. Lusky lusky at
Sun Jun 6 23:49:33 EDT 2004

Adam Herscher writes:
> It would really depends on the size of the server, the size of the 
> network, the size of the cpu, and other factors.
> No doubt it should be handled by a separate service (potentially even 
> separate hardware) -- in order to do this at the application level, an 
> interface into the ircd would be necessary (logging or other).
> I'm not certain how much demand there actually is for an interface like 
> this.  But besides the email request(s) to this list, I know of quite a 
> few ircd admins who have monitored privmsgs in some capacity in the past 
> and continue to do so now -- either by writing their own code or sniffing.
> For all of these reasons, I don't buy the efficiency argument either.

Obviously, trying to do string/regex matching is going to cause a
noticeable performance hit, that gets much worse as you try to match
more strings/regexes.  On a small non-hub server, I think it'd be quite
tolerable though.  I've seen private game-network servers that logged
every privmsg to disk without any noticeable perf hit.

On a bigger server, I'd suggest doing something sort of like servlink
(how we handle encryption/compression).  Actually that'd be a neat way
to plug in a generic filtering API... just run all traffic through the
external process.

Add that to the list of "things that are cool that I don't feel like
coding", along with DNS-blacklists for K-lines and RADIUS backend for

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