ytz997 at ytz997 at
Sat Jun 19 10:20:04 EDT 2004

on 8th june i reported a bug to bugs at
- hybrid 7.01 crashes if NICKLEN > 9
but i'm not sure if mail got received by anyone 

extra info: crash only occours if client sends PASS

#0  0x0806aa72 in strlcpy (dst=0xc1 <Address 0xc1 out of bounds>, src=0x8110ac5 "XXXXXXXXX", siz=20) at irc_string.c:684
#1  0x405de9dd in mr_pass (client_p=0x40480ee0, source_p=0x40480ee0, parc=2, parv=0x8114ae0) at m_pass.c:79
#2  0x0806f75a in handle_command (mptr=0x405dfaa0, client_p=0x40480ee0, from=0x40480ee0, i=2, hpara=0x8114ae0) at parse.c:394
#3  0x0806f3d6 in parse (client_p=0x40480ee0, pbuffer=0x8110ac0 "PASS", bufend=0x8110ace "") at parse.c:300
#4  0x0806ed49 in parse_client_queued (client_p=0x40480ee0) at packet.c:78
#5  0x0806f0d0 in read_packet (fd=8, data=0x40480ee0) at packet.c:442
#6  0x08070b58 in release_auth_client (client=0x40480ee0) at s_auth.c:180
#7  0x0807112e in start_auth (client=0x80bdd20) at s_auth.c:476
#8  0x08071cca in add_connection (listener=0x83b7830, fd=8) at s_bsd.c:432
#9  0x0806c862 in accept_connection (pfd=9, data=0x83b7830) at listener.c:455
#10 0x08072641 in comm_select (delay=9) at s_bsd_poll.c:247

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