2 Hubs "fail-over" configuration

Joan Sarah Touzet joant at ieee.org
Mon Jun 21 09:56:22 EDT 2004

Hi Massimo,

I'd do this at a different level, using a failover mechanism such as MAC
address takeover, NAT translation for virtual IP address takeover, or a
DNS reconfiguration implementation with a short TTL.  Most of these will
require some custom scripting on your part, or you may be able to adapt
software such as Fake (http://www.vergenet.net/linux/fake/), Heartbeat
(http://linux-ha.org/) or Failover (http://failover.othello.ch/) to do
what you need.

Always happy to help an OS/2 user.  :)


Thus spake Massimo @ eCS . it (massimo at ecomstation.it):

> Hi all,
> i'm asking if it's possible with Hybrid v7 to set up a configuration with 2 
> main
> hub servers that normally all leafs of the network connect/point to the 
> "default"
> first hub..
> When/if the 1st hub goes down, all leafs automatically squid and connect to 
> the
> 2nd hub.
> Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
> Bye.
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