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Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko esoteric at teardrop.ca
Tue Jun 29 17:44:33 EDT 2004

Using the word "moral" in relation to something as trivial as IRC is
degrading.  The term "opinion" is far better suited.

There will always be those people in the IRC scene that can not fathom the
childish concepts of empowering server operators with god-like-powers; and
there will always be a few in the aforementioned group that enjoy stating
their opinion.  :)

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I love how people post for help and get other peoples personal morals 
back in return.  :P

Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko wrote:

> Just because you have become a server operator does not mean you have 
> the right to +o any user in a channel you yourself do not have a +o in.
> You can not fix this nor are you doing anything wrong.  There are 
> probably patches and/or modules you can use to achieve 
> "god-like-powers" but since I do not oper in such a manner I do not 
> know of the patches or modules that would be involved.
> On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Randy Carnahan wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> I looked in what little there is of this list's archive, but there 
>> was nothing
>> there.
>> I just recently switched from monkey-ircd to hybrid on my irc server, 
>> and
>> running into a little issue I can't seem to figure out.  I'm used to 
>> once
>> I /oper myself, being able to +o other users and myself, freely. 
>> However, I
>> can no longer seem to do that. It says I'm not a Channel Op, even tho 
>> I have
>> successfully oper'd myself.
>> Any clue on what I'm doing wrong and/or how to fix this?
>> Thanks.
>> Randy

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