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Lee H lee at leeh.co.uk
Thu May 27 14:49:42 EDT 2004


This landed in my inbox, the calls in sjoin to remove the ban list dont
check whether we're actually keeping our modes or not, which is probably
whats causing the bug.

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Subject: FW: Possible bug in mode propigation? 
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 12:24:28 -0600

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	Jon Christopherson

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Subject: Possible bug in mode propigation?


	I have noticed strange behavior between servers when syncing modes
on a channel upon a server<->server burst.

	Here is the topology I used to test:

	<Server A - irc.east.vile.com> ----> <server B - hub.vile.com> --->
rest of network

	Server A was restarted. Client A (myself) was local to Server B and
was present before the split. There were also numerous other clients on same
channels as Client A, but located on Server A. Server A splits/restarts and
reconnects, dumping all its users. I notice as servers A and B sync that
Server A which had a newer channel TS for all channels , due to all the
rejoining clients, caused Server B to loose all its invite and ban
exceptions, as can be seen below from Server B:

[15:48] * irc.east.vile.com sets mode: -e *!jon at foo.net
[15:48] * irc.east.vile.com sets mode: -I Expy!*@*

	Now even though Server B had a older channel TS, and replaced the
newer channel TS on Server A, Server A was able to send its older invalid
modes(or lack of them) and affect server B and all servers behind server B.
When looking at the ban end invite exception lists on Server A after the
sync, it appears as though Server B sent its exception modes out to Server
A. So we are now left with a desynch, where the newly introduced server A is
the only server on the network eith the correct I/e modes. This might also
be valid for bans as well, though I haven't checked.

	On another note: the 004 numeric has a few modes that are no longer
present in the ircd.


	Jon Christopherson
PS - Version being used is:

	hybrid-7-CURRENT(20040508_0). irc.east.vile.com eGIKMpZ6 TS6ow
MAXTARGETS=7 NICKLEN=30 TOPICLEN=384 KICKLEN=384 are supported by this
CASEMAPPING=rfc1459 CALLERID SAFELIST are supported by this server

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Lee H

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