SIGSEGV with some contrib modules

Anthony Martinez pi at
Sat Oct 2 15:32:08 EDT 2004

On Sat, Oct 02, 2004 at 05:55:36PM +0400, Vanilla 
carved this out of pure phosphors:
> Hello,
> I have troubles with Hybrid 7.1 beta 1 when running some contrib modules
> (m_forcenick.c, m_services.c).
> Whenever I use commands from them, ircd terminates with SIGSEGV. Here's GDB
> backtrace:

The lines starting with m_unregistered in the msgtabs need to look like this

{m_unregistered, m_memoserv, m_memoserv, m_ignore, m_memoserv}

add an m_ignore right before the last entry. This fixed my m_forcenick.c problem 

> Here are links for:
> m_forcenick.c -
> m_services.c -
> They worked fine until beta1 release.

 * For moronic filesystems that do not allow holes in file.
 * We may have to extend the file.
	2.4.0-test2 /usr/src/linux/fs/buffer.c

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