akick problem

Jack L. xxjack12xx at doramail.com
Tue Oct 5 01:59:56 EDT 2004

There is no akick in hybrid, are you referring to hybserv?
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From: avudz <aku at avudz.cc>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 11:07:13 +0700
To: "General IRCD-Hybrid Discussion" <hybrid at lists.ircd-hybrid.org>
Subject: akick problem

> hello,
> i found a problem with akick in hybrid, i dont know if this a bug or not.
> i tried to add akick a nickname ex: {\{!*@* to akick list. then try to remove 
> akick but the service couldnt found. in my opinion, that's because of the 
> backslash '\' and perhaps its detected as 'space' ? any clue ?
> FYI, i use hyb serv 2 
> ./avd


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