Lubomir Radev demond at
Tue Oct 5 17:29:08 EDT 2004

it's been suggested that there should be more hooks in hybrid's core,
allowing for more flexibility in patching/writing modules (as in this
particular case, if there was a hook on registering new client, it would
be possible to implement all kinds of hostname manipulation including,
but not limited to, hostmasking, in third-party modules)

I had the impression that Diane liked the idea, so you might want to
check out latest CVS tarball... if it's there (the hook), all you need to
do is write your own hostmasking module :) which will also work on
future hybrid versions; or find one.

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, temp wrote:

> I know this is probably about the 9th or so post about hostmasking, but
> don't you think if it's being requested this much, . something should be
> done about it?  I've tried a number of patches, and all of them don't work,
> the only one I can find [working] is for an outdated version of hybrid.
> Because I couldn't find one, I had to go with ratbox (and I really prefer
> hybrid) . can we think about implementing a hostmasking module, or
> something?

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