Ircd with Dynamic IP

Lubomir Radev demond at
Sat Oct 9 22:18:19 EDT 2004

Nope, there's no such restriction. Actually there is, but for clients only -
hybrid won't show your client's hostname (will show the IP instead) unless
it has forward and reverse DNS resolving.

He's talking about the possibility to somehow authorize a server connection
from dynamic IP - which is perfectly possible, since the connecting server's
hostname is matched against all connect blocks using match(), hence you can
use wildcards.

Massimo, if your server's dynamic hostname is something like, just mask it in the uplink's connect block, and this
will work (it had worked for me):

connect {
	host = "*";
	name = "";
IP masking like 1.2.3.* should work as well.

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> > now i must add a connect statement to a server that has dynamic ip..
> > Is there a way to point (e.g. in the host section) directly to the
> domain
> > name
> > instead of numeric ip?
> You can do it but I think the restriction is that that address must
> reverse-resolve to the hostname to work.
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