ircd-hybrid debian package - oper?

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Thu Oct 28 15:08:45 EDT 2004

Rname = "tony";

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At the risk of being flamed...

I'm having a bit of a problem getting going with the debian ircd-hybrid 
package and am hoping someone can beat me with the clue bat a bit.

I can connect to the server fine, but I can't get /oper to work.

I've added a password entry like so:

operator {
         name = "Tony Del Porto";
         user = "tony@*";
         password = "K7yNDpkepuvYA";
         global_kill = yes;
         remote = yes;
         kline = yes;
         unkline = yes;
         gline = yes;
         die = yes;
         rehash = yes;
         nick_changes = yes;
         admin = yes;

The password above was generated with /usr/bin/mkpasswd from the debian 
net:whois package. I've tried using an md5 password with no difference.

I've also tried using the mkpasswd from ircd-hybrid-7.0.3 with the same 
results. The Debian package doesn't allow plain text passwords, but 
I've tried those too with the same results:

*** Only few of mere mortals may try to enter the twilight zone

I'm logged into the machine that is running the ircd as "tony".

*** tony is tony at (tony)
*** on irc via server (ircd-hybrid

foper says:
Thu Oct 28 11:01:59 2004 FAILED OPER (tony) by 
(tony!tony at

where "terminal" is generated by:

       spoof = "";

for hosts without ident.

I'm guessing that ident or the version of mkpasswd is the problem (if 
not my own general inexperience with IRC). There is an identd running 
on the machine:

tcp        0      0   *               

Reverse dns doesn't resolve the IP; this is beyond my control, but 
/etc/hosts has an appropriate entry:

tony at term12:/etc/irc$ host
Aliases: term12

tony at term12:/etc/irc$ host       A



Other stuff:

capslock is not on :-)

Debian is not my choice for better or worse; another OS is not an 
The system is Debian 3.3.49 testing.

irc client is ircII, but I've tried others with the same effect.

serverinfo {
         /* name: the name of our server */
         name = "";

listen {
         /* port: the specific port to listen on.  if no host is 
          * before, it will listen on all available IPs.
          * ports are seperated via a comma, a range may be specified 
using ".."

         /* port: listen on all available IPs, ports 6665 to 6669 */
         #host = "";    # change this!
         host = ""; # change this!
         port = 6665 .. 6669;

(note that the above is not reachable by the public internet)

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