oprspy command

Mateusz Szczyrzyca annihilator at ircnet.pl
Tue Sep 21 02:46:52 EDT 2004

Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 01:32:13PM +0700, Sugiharto Susilo Putro wrote:

> Hello, if compile hybrid with m_operspy.so, but i don't know how to use 
> this command, so can u give me some example, please

>From contrib/README:

m_operspy.c    - OPERSPY - Allows operators with access to spy on users
                 Syntax: OPERSPY <LIST/WHO/MODE/WHOIS/NAMES> <paramter>

ex: /operspy LIST #somechan
Show topic and number of users in #somechan, even if channel is +s.

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