FW: ircd-hybrid release notification - ircd-hybrid-7.1.1

Aaron Sethman androsyn at ratbox.org
Wed Aug 3 07:40:59 EDT 2005

On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Jack L. wrote:

> I'm not going to argue with you at 3AM, we both changed the protocol. 
> From what you are saying, we could say that you deliberately broke our 
> TBURST with the TB, but we changed our code to be compatible with 
> ratbox's TB. We are both guilty of not notifying the other party of the 
> changes. Can we stop making accusations and work together or do we have 
> to do this hit or miss thing with you broke this and I broke that?

We didn't break your TBURST.  We implemented a completely different 
command to do it.  It doesn't break it, just doesn't exchange topics.
Breaking XLINE is something that people will notice and will cause 
problems.  Comparing a different implementation of the same concept with 
*breaking* an existing command are two different things.


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