FW: ircd-hybrid release notification - ircd-hybrid-7.1.1

Aaron Sethman androsyn at ratbox.org
Wed Aug 3 18:26:45 EDT 2005

On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Paul-Andrew Joseph Miseiko wrote:

> It would appear that public confrontation in this manner did not stimulate 
> any reasonable response.  I suggest the following:
> 1) ratbox says there are compatibility issues present with Hybrid (and vice 
> versa).  This will inform networks such as EfNet not to use Hybrid since 
> they're mostly ratbox these days.  (Note that explaining the reason for 
> incompatibility is pointless... nobody really cares why, people just want to 
> know what issues exist)
> 2) ratbox provides a function that enables support for hybrid in the 
> configuration file.  (hybrid_tb_support = yes;)
> 3) ratbox auto-detects hybrid and performs the aforementioned operation 
> automagically.

The issue isn't the topic burst stuff, the issue is that remote XLINE 
protocol is broken.  I could not care less about topic bursting.  When 
ratbox servers start setting 2 second xlines on hybrid-7.1 servers, don't 
blame us, we didn't break the protocol.


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