FW: ircd-hybrid release notification - ircd-hybrid-7.1.1

junk junk at boxchat.net
Wed Aug 3 18:52:18 EDT 2005

Aaron Sethman wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, junk wrote:
>> This childish sh** between the two teams is getting old. I wish you 
>> all would take it off list. :)
> Interoperability isn't something that is a childish discussion.  
> Unless the hybrid team doesn't desire to interoperate with anything 
> but ircd-hybrid.
> -Aaron

Damn, You all are like a bunch of little kids that can't stop.
This list is General IRCD-Hybrid Discussion. I don't see anything about 
ratbox nor do I care if hybrid is compatible with ratbox. If you kids 
want to argue back and fourth then why not make ratbox-hybrid list so 
you all can flame each other over there?

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