problem for K-line in hybrid 7.1.1

nospam at nospam at
Wed Aug 10 16:51:24 EDT 2005

Piotr Niżyński wrote:

> Laurent napisał(a):
>>  Hello, I however can not posed of K-line one has the flag by defect,
>> that puts that to me :  
>>  "remoteban Insufficient oper privs."  
>>  how is that made please ?  (I however checked)
> You need to correct your oper{} block to make sure it holds a 'flags='
> directive with 'remoteban' specified.
> Regards,
> Piotr

also add a shared block

shared {
  name = "";
  host = "ident at yourhost.tld";

i beleve it was something like that on hybrid 7.03 so i don't think it
will differ so much..

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