Alan LeVee alan.levee at
Tue Aug 16 19:11:09 EDT 2005

ircd-hybrid is actually quite easy to uninstall after you compile it
assuming you put it in a location that's easy found such as
/usr/local/ircd or /home/ircd/hybrid. Uninstalling is pretty much easy if
you do it in /usr/local/ircd all you have to do is:

rm -rf /usr/local/ircd

Or if you do it in a home directory just rm -rf ~/hybrid.



Eric Tanguy said:
> I'm looking for a ircd-hybrid-7.1.1 rpm version. I would like to try it
> but i need to uninstall it after that and there is no uninstall rule in
> the make. Someone could help me ?
> Thanks
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