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Sat Feb 5 12:34:38 EST 2005

That defiantly stopped the ircd from coring, it's as though the command
isn't being executed, is that just something I'll have to deal with? 

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The module, being designed for HybServ2 with old versions of
ircd-hybrid, does not have complete message handler fields.

It is probably trying to call a NULL function since you didn't specify
one in the msgtab, which is causing ircd to core. Try adding on two
m_ignore entries after each function name.

{m_unregistered, m_memoserv, m_ignore, m_memoserv}
would become
{m_unregistered, m_memoserv, m_ignore, m_memoserv, m_ignore, m_ignore}

Since your ircd cored during execution of handle_command and only
occurs when you're an operator (which uses the second-to-last field),
the handler only tries to execute that function when you're an
operator. Fixing these lines should prevent the module from causing
ircd to dump core.

Hope this helps.

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:02:33 -0700, temp <temp at> wrote:
> Hello,
>         I'm not really much of a coder, but I downloaded this m_services.c
> file to take advantage of /cs /ns /ms /os /os2 (operserv2), instead of
> having to manually type out the command.  As a non-oper, the commands work
> fine, they send the messages to nickserv or chanserv with no problem.  As
> soon as I oper up and try, the ircd.cores and I can't figure out what is
> going on that it would work for a normal user, but not for an oper.
> If anyone could help me out with this issue, I would really appreciate it.
> m_service.c -
> gbd information -
> ircd -
> z
> I would appreciate any help I can get.


Rachel Llorenna (frequency)

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