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Rachel Llorenna rachies at
Sun Feb 6 09:55:39 EST 2005

PleXusIRCd is the server used on Rizon; and though it does have
features that make it more compatible with Anope servers, it
introduces other features such as hostname hiding, which may be
undesirable for some networks. It is also not an ircd maintained by
people with years and years (read: decades) of industry experience, so
of course the quality cannot compare to stock ircd-hybrid.

On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 09:36:32 -0500, Alex McMillen <alex at> wrote:
>  There is a modified version of Hybrid 7.0.3 currently avaliable with now
> full support for dalnet-style (Anope) services. I've been testing it out
> over the past week and it works incredibly, however there are quite a few
> bugs in the source of the ircd because of an "un-clean" coding style.. for
> example if you put cresv.conf and xline.conf into the /etc/ directory and
> rehash it will core.
>  This ircd can be found at
>  --
>  Alex "sliqua" McMillen
>  Rachel Llorenna wrote: 
>  I don't personally use IRC services, but I have in the past come across
> quite a few. The services are broken into mainly three groups; DALnet-style,
> EFnet-style and Undernet-style. The common NickServ, MemoServ, ChanServ and
> so forth are DALnet; whereas AuthServ, ChanServ, etc are Undernet. ChanFix
> is EFnet and requires only minimal operator intervention. Only the
> DALnet-style allows nickname registration; Undernet-style only permits
> username registration; EFnet-style records channels automatically based on a
> set of predefined parameters. People generally seem to prefer DALnet-style
> services. However, they will require a few new ircd-hybrid modules to be
> installed, as those services require commands like SVSNICK (FORCENICK) which
> don't exist in stock ircd-hybrid. Please keep in mind that ircd-hybrid was
> never designed for use in conjunction with services, and using ircd-hybrid
> with IRC services is therefore not supported. Here is a list of a few
> DALnet-style IRC service clones I've come across: - HybServ2: This is the
> most commonly used services package for TS-compatible servers, including
> ircd-hybrid, ircd-ratbox and csircd. The services pseudoclients include
> NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, OperServ, HelpServ, SeenServ and
> GlobalNoticer. You can view the CVS repository at
> or download's copy at
> (24th of
> August 2004) - FreeWorld Services: These are services that were developed
> for the FreeWorld IRC Network, but are currently under a development hiatus.
> The services are driven by SQL and have a BotServ. A mirrored copy can be
> found at - IRC
> Services: One of the first IRC Services packages, upon which many other
> services sets are based. This includes NickServ, ChanServ and MemoServ. The
> ircd-hybrid support is experimental and requires that you use
> ircd-hybrid-7.0 or 7.1 (which is currently in beta) due to its requirement
> of m_tburst.c. This also means that the services will not function under
> ircd-ratbox or csircd. The web site is at
> - Anope: Based on the now-obsolete Epona, Anope has quite a few features,
> including NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, StatServ, OperServ, HostServ,
> BotServ, HelpServ, Global, DevNull. The web site is at
> Undernet-style services are few and far between, and I am personally only
> aware of one project that develops a service compatible with the TS
> protocol. - Shrike IRC Services: This provides a clone of the AuthServ and
> ChanServ found on Undernet for username and channel registration. It is
> currently under development for the Malkier IRC Network. The web site is at
> There are only three main EFnet-style (ChanFix)
> services publicly available that qualify as free/open source software. -
> OpenChanFix: A project started before the release of the actual
> package from comstud, OpenChanFix is a module that provides a ChanFix
> pseudoclient and attempts to reverse-engineer some of the techniques used on
> EFnet ChanFix. This means that they do not operate in the same way. The web
> site is at - ChanFix: The original EFnet ChanFix was
> released by comstud some time ago. This includes both ChanFix and the JUPES
> services. However, there is very little documentation available, development
> is slow (if indeed comstud is still developing them at all), and it performs
> all logging via syslog(). Only experienced users should use this. These
> services are available from comstud's web site at
> - mchanfix: A version of EFnet ChanFix,
> cleaned up for use with musircd. The protocol is slightly different, so it
> may not function properly with ircd-hybrid. One may require a bit of ircd
> programming experience to make them function seamlessly. A copy can be found
> at On Sun, 06 Feb 2005
> 03:44:13 -0800, Michael <xeon at> wrote: 
>  I've been looking over some of the options for services that can be used
> with Hybrid and I'd like to get peoples opinnion here on which ones they
> recommend. I'm new to this ircd (as you all know) and would appreciate your
> opinnions before I exhert any effort in this area. Thanks for your reply in
> advance, Michael 


Rachel Llorenna (frequency)

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