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It's defiantly kind of annoying, I trust my opers to make the right
decisions when they make glines, so I don't need them to vote on it, plus,
since I use operserv2, what it does is if you try to set a gline that kills
more than 64 people, it just ignores you, since the network won't let more
than 5 people from the same host connect, it should never need to do that.
Is hybrid 7.0.3 the latest version (someone told me 7.0.9 was around)

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Oh, my apologies. I was summarizing the stuff on's services page. I've never used mchanfix
before, so I was going by the information on that page. You should
contact the maintainer to have that fixed.

On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 15:45:19 -0800, Jack L. <xxjack12xx at> wrote:
> The mchanfix package on the bottom has a hybrid patch included so it will
work with hybrid.
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> > - mchanfix: A version of EFnet ChanFix, cleaned up for use with
> > musircd. The protocol is slightly different, so it may not function
> > properly with ircd-hybrid. One may require a bit of ircd programming
> > experience to make them function seamlessly. A copy can be found at
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