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Michael xeon at
Sun Feb 6 21:52:46 EST 2005

After reviewing a bunch of these Services, I decided upon Hybserv2, but 
I have some basic questions I'm sure many of you can answer.

I have somewhat of a technical question concerning hybserv if anyone 
here can answer it I'd appreciate it.

Do you have to have a seperate IP to support this service?  How is this 
usually done?

I plan on joining the Hybserv mailing list in a few minutes, but I 
thought I'd go ahead and get a quick answer to this question here.

Thanks for your replies in advance,


Michael wrote:

> Rachel, this information is phenominal.  Thank you very much for 
> taking your time to write all of this information, it's appreciated a 
> great deal.
> This is literally going to save me hours of searching.
> Thanks again,
> Michael
> Rachel Llorenna wrote:
>> I don't personally use IRC services, but I have in the past come
>> across quite a few. The services are broken into mainly three groups;
>> DALnet-style, EFnet-style and Undernet-style. The common NickServ,
>> MemoServ, ChanServ and so forth are DALnet; whereas AuthServ,
>> ChanServ, etc are Undernet. ChanFix is EFnet and requires only minimal
>> operator intervention. Only the DALnet-style allows nickname
>> registration; Undernet-style only permits username registration;
>> EFnet-style records channels automatically based on a set of
>> predefined parameters.
>> People generally seem to prefer DALnet-style services. However, they
>> will require a few new ircd-hybrid modules to be installed, as those
>> services require commands like SVSNICK (FORCENICK) which don't exist
>> in stock ircd-hybrid. Please keep in mind that ircd-hybrid was never
>> designed for use in conjunction with services, and using ircd-hybrid
>> with IRC services is therefore not supported. Here is a list of a few
>> DALnet-style IRC service clones I've come across:
>> - HybServ2: This is the most commonly used services package for
>> TS-compatible servers, including ircd-hybrid, ircd-ratbox and csircd.
>> The services pseudoclients include NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ,
>> OperServ, HelpServ, SeenServ and GlobalNoticer. You can view the CVS
>> repository at or download
>>'s copy at
>> (24th of August 2004)
>> - FreeWorld Services: These are services that were developed for the
>> FreeWorld IRC Network, but are currently under a development hiatus.
>> The services are driven by SQL and have a BotServ. A mirrored copy can
>> be found at 
>> - IRC Services: One of the first IRC Services packages, upon which
>> many other services sets are based. This includes NickServ, ChanServ
>> and MemoServ. The ircd-hybrid support is experimental and requires
>> that you use ircd-hybrid-7.0 or 7.1 (which is currently in beta) due
>> to its requirement of m_tburst.c. This also means that the services
>> will not function under ircd-ratbox or csircd. The web site is at
>> - Anope: Based on the now-obsolete Epona, Anope has quite a few
>> features, including NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, StatServ, OperServ,
>> HostServ, BotServ, HelpServ, Global, DevNull. The web site is at
>> Undernet-style services are few and far between, and I am personally
>> only aware of one project that develops a service compatible with the
>> TS protocol.
>> - Shrike IRC Services: This provides a clone of the AuthServ and
>> ChanServ found on Undernet for username and channel registration. It
>> is currently under development for the Malkier IRC Network. The web
>> site is at
>> There are only three main EFnet-style (ChanFix) services publicly
>> available that qualify as free/open source software.
>> - OpenChanFix: A project started before the release of the actual
>> package from comstud, OpenChanFix is a module that
>> provides a ChanFix pseudoclient and attempts to reverse-engineer some
>> of the techniques used on EFnet ChanFix. This means that they do not
>> operate in the same way. The web site is at
>> - ChanFix: The original EFnet ChanFix was released by comstud some
>> time ago. This includes both ChanFix and the JUPES services. However,
>> there is very little documentation available, development is slow (if
>> indeed comstud is still developing them at all), and it performs all
>> logging via syslog(). Only experienced users should use this. These
>> services are available from comstud's web site at
>> - mchanfix: A version of EFnet ChanFix, cleaned up for use with
>> musircd. The protocol is slightly different, so it may not function
>> properly with ircd-hybrid. One may require a bit of ircd programming
>> experience to make them function seamlessly. A copy can be found at
>> On Sun, 06 Feb 2005 03:44:13 -0800, Michael <xeon at> wrote:
>>> I've been looking over some of the options for services that can be 
>>> used
>>> with Hybrid and I'd like to get peoples opinnion here on which ones 
>>> they
>>> recommend.  I'm new to this ircd (as you all know) and would appreciate
>>> your opinnions before I exhert any effort in this area.
>>> Thanks for your reply in advance,
>>> Michael

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