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junk junk at
Fri Feb 11 16:21:37 EST 2005

I thought that's how it worked, but I have 4 servers running all the 
same versions of ircd-hybrid(7.0.3). Using the same client (xchat) I can 
connect to each server and get the channel I would like on top on only 
two of the servers. The other two servers show the same but different 
channel on top.
BTW,  The channel I want on top is /cycled every five minutes to 
recreate it.
If there is nothing I can do then fine. But was just curious as to why 
it acts different on some of the servers.


Rachel Llorenna wrote:

>If I recall correctly, ircd-hybrid uses the channel creation date to
>display channels in LIST output, but most IRC clients rearrange it to
>the creator's liking. mIRC, for example, sorts by the number of users,
>while other clients do not do any sorting. You can *send* the channel
>list entry first, but that doesn't mean that it will be on the top due
>to client-side sorting. Your best bet is to perhaps falsify the user
>count so that it's much larger (impossibly so) than all the other
>channels. There really isn't any easy way to ensure that it always
>comes out on the top of channel listings.
>On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 19:37:18 -0600, junk <junk at> wrote:
>>How does the /list function figure the order it is going to display the
>>Is there a way I can have one channel stay at the top of the /list on
>>all of our servers?

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