m_wallops.c confusion

Alan LeVee alan.levee at prometheus-designs.net
Thu Feb 24 08:35:20 EST 2005

We are currently working on the next tier patchset for the latest stable
version of ircd-hybrid sources and several things on my TODO list besides
translating over +J from Dancer-IRCD and assistanting in modifying +g to
accept more plausible options is fixing WALLOPS to do what it was meant to
do. What I'm trying to convey is that I noticed in the code for m_wallops.c
the static function mo_wallops is written out twice. The first carnation of
this function makes sense, it sends out WALLOPS notices to users that are +w
which is what it is meant for since OPERWALL deals with sending notices to
+z users (IRC Operators) *only*. Now what I was wondering was, would it be
generally a good idea to just delete the second instance of the mo_wallops
function in m_wallops.c since from what I can tell by reading the code is
that it seems to not only override the first instance of the function (which
I still have no idea why it's written twice) as well as ignoring users that
are +w from what I can tell. It just seems rather illogical in my point of
view to have WALLOPS only send to +z users when OPERWALL is designed for
that and WALLOPS is more pratical in sending out general notices than having
to do /NOTICE $$node.network.com to give out general notices and it is more
annoying to users as well.

Anyone with suggestions or someone that could possibly enlighten me as to
why m_wallops.c is written like this would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours:

Alan (knight-) LeVee
ChatJunkies IRC Operator and Technician - Secondary United States Node:

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