can someone explain to me what is wrong with Jack L.

Aaron Sethman androsyn at
Thu Feb 24 19:52:29 EST 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Jonathan R. Lusky wrote:

> Heh, you talk about trust and then you make a malicious commit to the hybrid
> cvs repository?

I was proving a point.  Nothing more.  Besides, why did I still have 
commit access even though I haven't been directly involved with hybrid for 
over two years?

> Maybe Efnet should run away from Ratbox since you obviously
> can't be trusted to not make malicious checkins.

All of EFnet is more than welcomed to review every single line of code in 
ratbox, in fact I encourage it.  The more eyeballs the better.

> That seems a lot more
> serious to me (both morally and legally) than an ignorant kid changing your
> copyright in his own copy of your GPL code.

Legally I had legit access to the server in question, its not my fault you 
don't remove needless accounts.  As for morality of the commit, I made it 
clear exactly what I did and why.  It was a question of whether EFnet 
should trust somebody who removes copyright tags with access to the hybrid 
cvs tree.  As for him being an "ignorant kid", he was notified many times 
of this violation and did nothing to correct the action.  Even "ignorant 
kids" need to be made aware that there are consequences to inapproriate 
actions.  The commit I made was completely legal(and perhaps silly), you 
were lax in removing accounts and I simply used an account I still had 
access to.

Removing the copyright tags from other persons source code is in fact a 
civil defense and one could very easily be sued over it, if so motivated.


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