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Laurent sorcier3 at
Thu Jul 28 01:02:30 EDT 2005

 Salut Joan,

Pour ces sections, j'ai fais comme ceci :

/* auth {}: allow users to connect to the ircd (OLD I:) */
auth {
  * user: the user at host allowed to connect.  Multiple IPv4/IPv6 user 
  * lines are permitted per auth block.
 user = "*@*";
 /* password: an optional password that is required to use this block */
 password = "Pass";

  * spoof: fake the users host to this.  This is free-form,
  * just do everyone a favor and don't abuse it. ('=' prefix on /stats I)
 #spoof = "";

 /* class: the class the user is placed in */
 class = "users";

  * need_password: don't allow users who haven't supplied the correct
         *                password to connect using another auth{} block
         *                ('&' prefix on /stats I if disabled)
  * need_ident:    require the user to have identd to connect ('+' prefix on
/stats I)
         * spoof_notice:  enable spoofing notification to admins
  * exceed_limit:  allow a user to exceed class limits ('>' prefix on /stats
  * kline_exempt:  exempt this user from k/glines ('^' prefix on /stats I)
  * gline_exempt:  exempt this user from glines ('_' prefix on /stats I)
  * resv_exempt:   exempt this user from resvs ('$' prefix on /stats I)
  * no_tilde:      remove ~ from a user with no ident ('-' prefix on /stats
  * can_flood:     allow this user to exceed flood limits ('|' prefix on
/stats I)
  * can_idle:      exempt this use from idle restrictions ('<' prefix on
/stats I)
# flags = 

donc aucun spoof ni flag, c'est un serveur pour des usagers classics.

Le problème pourrait venir de la ?

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