watch problems

Piotr Niżyński piotr.nizynski at
Tue Nov 15 16:30:04 EST 2005

> So you don't invent new 'standards' you go and implement something in a 
> different way from everyone else and then go and busticate
> a bunch of clients.

Please show me at least *ONE* which I busticate, because all likelihood 
and common sense points that no more than 3 or 4 such scripted clients 
can be running out there. (Except a lot of DDoS toys, of course.)

If you're going to tell me it's terribly bad that I break 3 or 4 IRC 
clients in the whole world, then what did you do by introducing your 
'/LIST too long' numeric from revision to revision? How can you be 100% 
certain that it didn't broke any (stupid) clients which expected some 
channels to show up on /LIST?

And even more bustage was done when /LIST or /ADMIN was changed so that 
it returns RPL_LOAD2HI, not covered by the RFC and at that time not 
expected by any script/client author. And have you heard any protests 
then? Do you think it was a bad move?

I'm happy to hear that you don't see any point in further discussion. 
Nor do I. Quit carping and let customers decide if they have a hard 
problem with it; if they do (which I doubt), in less than one day 
they'll have a patch for the newest version.

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