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coolcold at coolcold at
Wed Sep 28 08:49:17 EDT 2005

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 08:28:40 -0400 (EDT)
  "Alan LeVee" <alan.levee at> wrote:
> The channel mode +S and the user mode +S (which prevents 
>anyone who isn't
> SSL connected from PRIVMSG'ing another) was decided not 
>to be implemented
> for various reasons. However if we get enough requests 
>for it we can add
> the user mode and channel mode.
This means it wouldn't be compatible with older releases?
How about 7.2 <> 7.0 compatibility?

And about 7.2 rc - 2 /whois'es, 2 different results, wtf? 
(look at Using blabla network)
Test1 is ~CoolCold at * CoolCold
Test1 on @%#rea
Test1 using EFnet IRC Network
Test1 is a Server Administrator
Test1 actually using host
Test1 has been idle 26mins 8secs, signed on Wed Sep 28 
Test1 End of /WHOIS list.

Test2 is ~CoolCold at * CoolCold
Test2 on #rea
Test2 using hybrid-7 test server
Test2 actually using host
Test2 has been idle 19mins 21secs, signed on Wed Sep 28 
Test2 End of /WHOIS list.

I've set serverinfo:
     network_name = "XNet";
     network_desc = "IRC Network";
hide_servers = yes;

is this bug or what?

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