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Alan LeVee alan.levee at
Wed Sep 28 16:08:22 EDT 2005

To be honest I would not bother with those patches at the wohmart
archives. There has been dramatic code changes in hybrid since those
patches are made. I do agree with the discussions about still not proven
security of SSL encapsulating IRC even if you are using cryptographic
links between servers and everyone only connecting via SSL since the
unencrypted packets from the decryption are stored in buffers and memory.

This is all a relative moot point however. While the idea of having the
channel mode and user mode +S is nice there was a great deal of debate
from both my network (ChatJunkies) which resulting in getting client SSL
finally in stock hybrid and between myself and adx (a fellow developer)
that the user and channel mode were inherently pointless.

While the idea of such modes are nice they really wouldn't help secure
anything further as the packets between private messages sessions would
not be encrypted nor the channels as this would result in too many
un-necessary CPU cycles. Plus we do not want to break compatibility with
ircd-ratbox which is used on EFNet by added un-necesssary channel and user
modes. There was already some gruff about the use of client SSL but that
has been as far as I know, squashed.

If you want to add the modes yourself it's not that difficult or we (I)
can even add a module for it in 7.3 when we modularise the channel code to
allow custom channel modes.

But if you try using the patches from the wohmart archives you'll run into
nothing but dissapointment as many were made for hybrid-6 or older
versions of hybrid-7 (7.0rc1 - 7.0.3) which will *not* work with 7.1.x or
7.2.x so you'll just get hunk failures or broken code if they even manage
to patch at all.


Alan 'knight-' LeVee

Jack L. said:
>> Wade
> That's the one, thanks. Seems the patch is not archived on there either.
> Hrm... Sorry, don't know where it went but it is in
>'s source code. You can rip it out of
> there if you'd like.
>> Jack L. wrote:
>> > There is one but I don't think it applies cleanly anymore. I
>> > think it's archived at the ircd patches website. I don't remember
>> > the URL to it. If it was something like womartsomething
>> > something. Can someone paste me that URL again?
>> >
>> >
>> >
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