client ssl

Joan Touzet joant at
Thu Sep 29 22:57:24 EDT 2005

And with that, folks, let's end this thread.  Nothing more to be seenhere.  Move on now.
-Joan Touzet (list deputy)

On 9/29/05, Piotr Niżyński <piotr.nizynski at> wrote:> Jack L. napisał(a):> > I think clients should be the ones responsible for doing ssl and the server sending plaintext. Every client doing ssl would take much much less cpu than if the server handled it all. Server ssl is not a solution in my opinion.>> Possibly, but the option still should be included for those who want it,> and there are many. Plus it makes actually only some 100 code lines> more, so about 0.1% of everything.>> -adx>

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