David Todd mobilepolice at
Sat Oct 7 15:04:35 EDT 2006

The Max global connections is stored across the network when there are
more than one servers involved, so that if one server dies, then comes
back up, it will recieve the latest 'max' count when it's reconnected
to the network.

Local connection max is unnecessary, the only way to store this value
would be to write it to a file on the system, which could
theoretically be modified.

Hybrid has had a history of being minimalist, not to the extreme, but
to a good degree, when implementing such a 'feature', for one to gain
more support of it, I would suggest you explain why you think it
should be changed - I'm afraid the reasoning 'I think they should.'
would not be sufficient in this case due to the coding involved to
store a number...

However, if you're looking for stasticial tracking,
provides an excellent (and free) resource that connects to your server
a few times a day and records historical information.

Hope you understand,


On 10/7/06, Henri Salo <fgeek at> wrote:
> In version 7.2.2(SVN) lusers say something like this:
>  -!- There are 2 users and 19 invisible on 2 servers
>  -!- 2 IRC Operators online
>  -!- 5 channels formed
>  -!- I have 6 clients and 1 servers
>  -!- Current local users: 6  Max: 6
>  -!- Current global users: 21  Max: 21
>  -!- Highest connection count: 7 (6 clients) (6 connections received)
> Those "Max" in both local and global numbers doesn't stay when I close
> my server. I think they should.
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