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Dominic Hargreaves dom at
Thu Apr 10 14:50:09 EDT 2008

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 05:48:30PM +0200, HCE wrote:

> I've a couple of patches you might want to merge into the main
> hybrid ircd source tree. These patches are:
>   +S Patch: adds a channel mode +S which allows only clients
>   connected via SSL to join a channel (of course only useful if
>   SSL support is compiled into hybrid)
>   m_force: sends an OPERWALL whenever an operator uses
>   /force(join|part) to reduce abuse of those
> We currently maintain these patches for the hackint irc network
> in our own repository, but it would be nice to have them in the
> main hybrid source tree, as it simpifies upgrading for us.
> Please let me know if you want them.

These both sound like interesting patches that would warrant
consideration for including into hybrid.

Perhaps you could post the patches to this mailing list for perusal?


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