How can I improve the ircd more realtime

Wouter Snels nospam at
Mon Apr 14 05:55:38 EDT 2008

I'm assuming you're getting msg delays because you're flooding, .. so 
maybe you should checkout your flood options if this is a non-public 
ircd then maybe you could disable flood, ..

An other thing could be that the ircd/you are not on a good connection, 
which could result into lag.

Maybe it is your client, some clients have flood protection and delay 

Maybe the cpu/memory of the machine you're running the ircd on is not 
sufficient or there isn't enough memory/cpu allocated for your ircd.

Yang Jone schreef:
> Dear all,
> I try to use ircd to make realtime message exchange.
> But, I find when the # of messages in one second are above 20, then
> message delay is very obvious.
> How can I make the message exchange more realtime?
> Should I close some functionality of ircd or just use ircd.conf to
> achieve my idea?
> Please kindly give me some suggest. Thanks a lot! ^ ^.

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