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Martin J. Green mail at
Sun Mar 23 14:22:25 EDT 2008

I have a similar issue with XLINE & RESV. This is on 7.2.3

Example... RESV being sent in the format

<source> RESV <target server> <mask> :<reason>

I've added the shared block:

shared {
        name = "";
        type = all;

And stats U:
U *@* cKkUXxYQqRL
End of /STATS report

Running services in debug mode, I can see the raw send:
[Mar 23 18:12:43.111581 2008] OperServ: Neo: sqline add *test* Inappropriate nickname
[Mar 23 18:12:43.111749 2008] debug: Sent: RESV *test* :Inappropriate nickname
[Mar 23 18:12:43.111867 2008] debug: Sent: :OperServ NOTICE Neo :*test* added to the SQLINE list.
[Mar 23 18:12:43.111987 2008] debug: Sent: :OperServ OPERWALL :Neo added an SQLINE for *test* (expires in 30 days)

I've also tried sending it from the client (OperServ) instead of from server - neither works. Same for kline, same for xline. Nothing gets applied.

What's wrong with this format? Looking at the code it seems correct, but clearly doesn't work. :(

Any help appreciated.


From: Martin J. Green
Sent: 22 March 2008 19:03
To: 'hybrid at'
Subject: anope & kline

I'm using hybrid (7.2.3) with anope (with other bits & pieces added to support services).

The anope code has:

void hybrid_cmd_akill(char *user, char *host, char *who, time_t when,
                      time_t expires, char *reason)
    send_cmd(s_OperServ, "KLINE * %ld %s %s :%s",
             (long int) (expires - (long) time(NULL)), user, host, reason);

To implement services akill - its trying to do Kline * <time> <user> <host> :<reason> - ie apply a remote kline to all servers, but this fails.

Is this syntax correct?

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