[PATCH] Bug in hyb7.2.3 (mode #c -o on halfop)

caf kevin at sylandro.com
Thu May 8 01:56:16 EDT 2008


I've found a bug in ircd-hybrid-7.2.3.  If a channel op sets mode -o  
on a halfop, hybrid tries to set mode -h on the _next_ user (if there  
is one) in the mode command.  Eg:

/mode #test +hh alice bob

/mode #test -o+o alice bob

This responds incorrectly by leaving alice alone and de-half-opping bob:

∙φ∙ mode/#test [-h bob] by caf

I've attached a patch that fixes it.

     - caf

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--- channel_mode.c.ORIG	2008-05-08 15:31:49.212341512 +1000
+++ channel_mode.c	2008-05-08 15:39:07.491732262 +1000
@@ -964,8 +964,11 @@
 #ifdef HALFOPS
     if (has_member_flags(member, CHFL_HALFOP))
+    {
+      --*parn;
       chm_hop(client_p, source_p, chptr, parc, parn, parv, errors, alev,
               dir, c, d, chname);
+    }

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