got problem when run hybrid3

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Wed May 28 19:30:55 EDT 2008


As someone noted earlier, you need to remove need-ident from the auth block.

The server isn't getting any ident response, thus is disconnecting you. If other servers are getting an ident response fine, then this may be a firewall issue either with ur local machine or server, however I suspect the above is the issue (ie identd not configured on local machine/local network) and if that's the case then you need to edit your config as above.

Somewhat OT, but there's probably quite a few other options you want to change... eg are you actually connecting to on a local subnet, or is ur server address actually For these, you probably want to read the documentation, or at the very least read the config file & the comments therein.


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actually my ircd.conf no problem, i try run inmy other box working fine.
but only one of my box got [10101] host disconnected when run it.

/s<> 6667 <- problem is in this server

thank you :)

weliyanto a.k.a wellex
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