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On Mon, 22 Sep 2008, IRC.US.COM Administration wrote:

> as immoral as it is.. it 'can' be done. granted, it may be your server but
> unless they know you are doing it or even having it stated so in the motd..
> well, i wouldn't want to rest on a server that monitors my 'private'
> conversations. :)

It may not be immoral.  Companies running internal IRC networks are often 
interested in this feature from an 'information capture' point of view[1].

So I what I'm saying is there is thin wedge where this is legitimate ;)

Of course morality (and maybe legaility) will require that this is stated 
upfront.  I was asked about this recently by a company and recommended 
that they _not_ do it as not desirable for some corporate information to 
be transparently logged by a 3rd party (the sysadmins).

[1] I've also seen them like it due to a desire to check up on staff :(



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>> Hello,
>> can admin spy user private message ? anyone have module to spy user
> private
>> message or how to ?
>> thank you
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