[hybrid] Bad change to INSTALL-file

Henri Salo henri at nerv.fi
Thu Dec 3 09:15:46 EST 2009

Change in this commit[1] is bad since normal Linux-machine does not have
gmake-binary. It usually is only installed in BSD-machines. One should change
that back and add note about using gmake in machines, which does not have GNU
make named as make. I wonder how ircd-hybrid developer doesn't know this
already, but there is other INSTALL-files as well, which should be
updated[2,3]. One could also print information about this if we can find gmake
from system when running configure.

Also there is broken SVN-link[4] in[5] as Michael might have already noticed.
We really should have www-page in SVN.

1: http://svn.ircd-hybrid.org:8000/viewcvs.cgi/ircd-hybrid/INSTALL?rev=1031&r1=1030&r2=1031&diff_format=h
2: http://svn.ircd-hybrid.org:8000/viewcvs.cgi/ircd-hybrid-7.3/INSTALL?rev=1029&view=markup
3: http://svn.ircd-hybrid.org:8000/viewcvs.cgi/branches/ircd-hybrid-newconf/INSTALL?rev=1027&view=markup
4: svn co svn://svn.ircd-hybrid.org/svnroot/ircd-hybrid-7.2
5: http://ircd-hybrid.org/downloads.html

Henri Salo

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