How to reserve a nickname?

Gavin Hanover gavin at
Wed May 13 00:09:27 EDT 2009

NickServ is a service that runs seperate from the ircd in most cases.
A resv (sometimes called a jupe) is for denying anyone from accessing
the nickname. For example, if you don't run services such as nickserv,
you might resv the nickname "NickServ" to prevent a user from taking
that nickname and gathering passwords that other users msg it by

I'm not aware off the top of my head of any services such as NickServ
that you can run on top of hybrid. Perhaps other list members can be
of more help with that.

In God we trust,
Everybody else must have an x.509 certificate.

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 7:02 PM,  <spam.spam.spam.spam at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using ircd-hybrid-7.2.3.
> I would like to reserve a nickname.
> I already read doc/resv.txt but this is not what I want.
> I would like to reserve a nickname with a password.
> With some IRC, we can subscribe for an account with nickname and password on a
> web page. After this :
> - When a user use this nickname with no password, he can
> - If, at the same time, an other user wants to use this nickname with the
> password, the previous user will be renamed
> How to configure correctly my ircd.conf in order to do this?
> Thank you.

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