[hybrid] Searching for current m_cgiirc.c or other recommended way to let qwebirc set end user IPs on connections

ADFH adfh_ircdh at hogan.id.au
Mon Nov 15 09:19:31 EST 2010

Tried my hand at hacking the C code myself, trying to get it to
compile. Seems the API's changed a little since the module was written.

There are three references that seem to cause problems..

m_cgiirc.c:80: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘BadPtr’
	(which causes problems on module loading)

m_cgiirc.c:84: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘strlcpy’
	(seems to find it ok though so far)

m_cgiirc.c:86: error: ‘struct LocalUser’ has no member named ‘sockhost’
	(which I found a struct up from where it used to be)

m_cgiirc.c:87: error: ‘struct irc_ssaddr’ has no member named ‘sins’
	(which seems to be related to an IPv4 -> IPv6 code change)

Anyone else use web based IRC clients to let people connect to their
ircd-hybrid instance(s) - if so, how'd you do it?

ADFH <adfh_ircdh at hogan.id.au>

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