[hybrid] about hub configuration

Martin Green mail at martinjgreen.me.uk
Sat Apr 16 01:13:50 EDT 2011

The hub setup is a different thing to user distribution. Firstly, you
setup one server as your hub and the other two as leaf - which to
connect to which depends on hardware and geographical
location/connectivity. Read the manual for how to setup the

To distribute your users there's a few ways you might do it. A simple
DNS round robin will distribute the load, but not necessarily evenly.
Something like geodns will distribute to the best geo location for the
user, but again not necessarily evenly. For real load balancing, you'd
need some kind of hardware/software load balancer in front of the

Hope that helps.

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On 16/04/2011, at 14:46, "İsmail DOĞAN" <info at ismaildogan.com.tr> wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I need learn something about hub setup. I want setup ircd-hybrid on 3 different physical servers. I want to set hub configuration. My goal is sharing users to servers. How can I do something like that? If firstly I have to read some documents before write to list, please help; which one?
> I don't sure "this is a correct question for this list." If I'm doing mistake, sorry.
> regards

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