[hybrid] throttled posting - is there a crapflood throttle setting?

Kevin Easton kevin at sylandro.com
Fri Aug 17 20:13:10 EDT 2012

Quoting Jeff <irc at aquabolt.com>:

> Folks,
> I am running: ircd-hybrid 1:7.2.2.dfsg.2-6.2on Debian stable on a intranet.
> Apologies in advance for a newbie question - yes I have read the  
> INSTALL and README and searched for ircd-hybrid documentation and  
> irdc configuration in general. I think that my problem is that the  
> terminology is unfamiliar, and so I am not certain which search  
> terms are appropriate.
> On our intranet, when a user posts several (e.g. 20 ) lines of text  
> in a single post, they are delivered one line at a time, with a 1  
> second delay between each line.
> I assume this is some form of 'crapflood' throttle / protection. I  
> would like to reduce / remove the throttle, or raise the threshold  
> at which it kicks in.

This is the most basic level of flood protection kicking in, which  
limits the rate at which lines are accepted from a client.

> I have the following settings:
>     default_floodcount = 1000;

This affects a different kind of flood protection, which limits  
messages directed at a single client.  It's the one that results in a  
"*** Message to foo throttled due to flooding" message to the flooder,  
and it drops messages on the floor rather than delaying them.

>     client_flood = 2000;

This is actually smaller than the default value, and is the size of  
the unparsed message queue for a client in bytes.  If this is  
exceeded, the client connection is dropped with an "Excess Flood"  
message.  I would recommend leaving this at the default value.

> Any help / pointer greatly appreciated.

To increase the particular limit you're running into you'd need to  
recompile hybrid after changing the value of MAX_FLOOD in  
include/packet.h (default is 5, which means that a client can "burst"  
5 lines before being limited to 1 per second).

Alternately you can disable the limit entirely for particular classes  
of users with just a configuration change in ircd.conf:

  - In the "general {}" block, set true_no_oper_flood = yes
  - In the "auth {}" block for the users you want to be able to flood,  
give them the "can_flood" flag.

     - Kevin

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