[hybrid] throttled posting - is there a crapflood throttle setting?

Kevin Easton kevin at sylandro.com
Tue Aug 28 08:10:55 EDT 2012

Quoting Jeff <irc at aquabolt.com>:

> Hi Kevin,
> Thanks for your pointer - I'm not having much luck though. I already had...
> general {
>     true_no_oper_flood = yes;
> }
> I added can_flood to the existing auth "*@*" section which now looks like:
> auth {
>     user = "*@*";
>     class = "users";
>     have_ident = no;
>     can_flood = yes;
> };

That should be

     flags = can_flood;

in the auth {} block.

> bounced ircd... (confirmed the ircf process had gone before restarting)
> Same behaviour... each line is still posted with a delay.

If you have the rehash flag and are opered up, you can just use the  
/rehash command.

> We run debian-stable and our sec policy precludes a custom compile  
> without serious justification.
> I left the client_flood=2000; as the comment above says:
>     /* client flood: maximum number of lines in a clients queue before
>      * they are dropped for flooding.
>      */
> and the original value as installed by debian was 20.

The config file supplied by Debian in /etc in that package is _not_  
based on the ircd-hybrid config file - they seem to have taken it from  
another similar ircd like ratbox.

See the example configs in /usr/share/doc/ircd-hybrid/examples/ -  
those are the ones from the hybrid source, and show the right syntax.

   - Kevin

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