[hybrid] Contrib module: m_webirc

Michael Wobst wobst.michael at web.de
Wed Dec 12 10:53:04 EST 2012


the module you provided is nearly identical to ours, since both modules 
are based on the m_webirc.c which ratbox provides.

Therefore, if for some reason the contributed WEBIRC module really 
doesn't work, it's most likely due to a smaller bug and not because of 

Also, the module you provided contains a major bug where webirc clients 
may bypass active D-Lines since it doesn't update the 
source_p->localClient->ip sockaddr_storage structure within the WEBIRC 
registration process.


Panesar, Amrit schrieb:
> Howdy everyone,
> The provided contrib m_webirc module is not compatible with various
> web-based IRC clients, (including Mibbit and Iris-web).
> I have updated a particular version of the m_webirc source that
> is compatible with the above web based IRC clients. The updated source
> can be found here: http://pastebin.com/5F2HPs1E
> I have tested this module and it is working on hybrid-8.0.1(20121121_1673).
> A representative from Mibbit is currently updating their wiki to include
> this module with their directions on providing webirc with ircd-hybrid 8.x.
> Thanks again for producing such a quality IRC daemon.

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