[hybrid] [PATCH] Fix autoconf script for SSL support

Brad Smith brad at comstyle.com
Sun Jul 1 08:53:13 EDT 2012

The following diff fixes the autoconf script to be able to
build with the SSL support. I noticed these two lines were
removed between 7.3.1 and 8.0.0beta1. Removing the first
link breaks the OpenSSL checks on OpenBSD. Removing the
second line means even if the OpenSSL checks were to
succeed with your OS the SSL code within ircd-hybrid
would not be included.

--- configure.ac.orig	Sun Jul  1 08:36:32 2012
+++ configure.ac	Sun Jul  1 08:37:52 2012
@@ -105,8 +105,10 @@ if test "$cf_enable_openssl" != "no"; then
   dnl If we have a basedir defined, then everything is okay.  Otherwise,
   dnl we have a problem.
   if test ! -z "$cf_openssl_basedir"; then
+    LIBS="-lcrypto -lssl $LIBS"
+    AC_DEFINE(HAVE_LIBCRYPTO, 1, [If we support ssl])
     AC_MSG_RESULT([not found. Please check your path.])

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