[hybrid] Anope 1.9 Hybrid module issues

Nathaniel Jackson mcnugit at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 15:19:28 EST 2013

Thank you sir, that cleared up everything; now I just feel silly for not
exploring that option in the first place :]

On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 9:17 AM, Michael Wobst <wobst.michael at web.de> wrote:

> Also, 1.9 is under heavy development. You need to download _all_ sources
> from the GIT. You can't just download the outdated 1.9.7 package, and
> simply put the module in it. This just won't work.
> Michael Wobst schrieb:
>  Get the latest version from the anope-GIT
>> https://github.com/anope/**anope/tree/1.9<https://github.com/anope/anope/tree/1.9>
>> The module you found in our SVN is not meant to be "plug in an play"
>> Nate Jackson schrieb:
>>> Hey guys I am trying to compile the Anope 1.9 Hybrid module (here:
>>> http://svn.ircd-hybrid.org:**8000/viewcvs.cgi/protocol-**
>>> modules/anope-1.9/<http://svn.ircd-hybrid.org:8000/viewcvs.cgi/protocol-modules/anope-1.9/>
>>> )
>>> with Anope 1.9.7. Unfortunately I cannot get the module to compile, and
>>> I’m not sure what this issues is. Here is a dump of the error.
>>> (Dump: https://pastee.org/h3v2g ) Any help would be greatly
>>> appreciated :D
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