[hybrid] ircd-hybrid ssl not working/no errors logged

Stephen Davidson gorky at freenet.carleton.ca
Tue Jul 30 14:17:50 EDT 2019


I am trying to setup SSL Services on an IRC Hybrid server (it will be
accessed over the Internet, traffic doesn't need to be world-readable).

Have the following snippets set in the config file:
serverinfo {
     rsa_private_key_file = "/etc/ircd-hybrid/key/ircd.key";
     ssl_certificate_file = "/etc/ircd-hybrid/key/ircd.pem";
    ssl_dh_param_file = "/etc/ircd-hybrid/dhparam.pem";


listen {
    flags = hidden, ssl;
        host = "";
    port = 6697;

Everything starts up, no error messages in the log, but the SSL
Connection won't complete.  NonSSL Connection works fine, but SSL/TLS is
needed for the Internet support part and that's silently failing.

ircd: version hybrid-1:8.2.21+dfsg.1-1(20161127_7917)



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